This chain case will move the drive shaft 3/4" back & 3/4" down which in turn allows for clearance in tunnel for long studs, big drivers, 2" paddle track, and so on. This case is stock on top for brake and hardware, and will bolt in on stock mounts and use stock bolts. The drive shaft holes need to be relocated with a template that is provided. The chain case weighs 7.5 lbs. The new universal chain case is for racing with 7" to 8 1/2" centers, and is a custom piece it will be necessary to use a chain tensioner. No returns on the custom universal chain case.

We have a poly chain system that will work with The Crank Shop rolled chain case, CKIII chain case, and the ZX chain case. The ZX system will work with the Rev chain case as long as it is not the first year Rev. . It has a 2:1 ratio. We have more options available. The system is 3 pounds lighter then the traditional gear and chain system.   The poly chain system weighs 2.6 pounds compared to 6.2 pounds with the traditional gear & chain system.

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