About Us

The Crank Shop was founded by Larry Audette back in the 1980's. He was a former oval & drag racer, who turned his hobby into a world wide recognized Ski Doo performance shop. Today the Crank Shop employs 10 employees. We are a Vermont based company with a few hundred dealers across the United States & Canada that handle our products. We even have customers as far away as Norway, Sweden, and Australia.

The Crank Shop Specializes in Ski Doo performance aftermarket products. We manufacture 2 cyl and 3cyl trail and race pipes for Ski Doo & Polaris sleds. We custom make 2 cyl motors to 1140cc and 3 cyl motors to 1500cc. We are very well known for our custom flatslide carburetors, which we offer up to 54mm. We also offer big bore kits for Ski Doo & Polaris. We carry a large inventory of OEM Ski Doo parts.

Our Products have been and are still used by some of the top racers in the country.

  • Dasilva Gelormini Racing
  • Smith Marine Racing
  • Trygstad Racing
  • Bickford Racing
  • Briggs Racing (Walter Briggs)
  • Craig Marchbank
  • Rheaume Rodrigue
  • Bellmen Racing (asphalt racing)
  • Tim Sioui