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CKIII Strap replacement for OEM strap to move motor closer to clutch side when...
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We have a few different light weight motor plates. We have a one piece motor mount plates that are designed to position motor in the original position. The motor mount plate is available for a 3 cylinder motor in a DSA and S2000 chassis. We have a one piece motor plate for the 809 in the CKIII chassis as well that you might need to trim around the tie rod. Or if you perfer me make a 2 piece strap style motor plate for the 3 cylinders in the CKIII chassis. We have 2 different kits available for the RT chassis. One is to mount a 3 cylinder motor in the RT chassis recommended for racing only. This kit consist of a motor plate, steering post, and the necessary brackets for the installation. To install the motor in the RT chassis you will need to cut 1/2 the oil pump housing off or put a small square hole in the motorplate to accommodate the housing, but this tends to make the motorplate weak causing it to possibly crack. The other kit we have is one that will allow you to convert your Mach Z 1000 motor to a carburated motor. This kit will include the motor mounts, manifold plates, boots, rave blocks and the necessary machining to the case and rave valves. The customer will need to send in base and rave valves to have them machined for this application. And when you convert over to carbs this kit will rotate the motor, so your exhaust pipes are no longer going to fit and you will need to purchase a new set.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 26 July, 2007.
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 2 Cylinder - 990 & 1140 Custom Reed Crank Shop Motor XP Chassis Motor Plate 6.6 lbs.     1102723   $205.00 
 2 Cylinder - Newer 670 & 990 Custom RV Crank Shop Motor PRS Chassis Motor Plate 4.10 lbs.     1102716   $360.00 
 3 Cylinder - 600 & 700 CKIII Chassis Motor Plate (2 Straps) 2 lbs.     1102715   $116.00 
 3 Cylinder - 600 & 700 F&S 2000(DSA) Chassis 3.8 lbs.     1102710   $170.00 
 3 Cylinder - 809 PRS Chassis Solid Motor Plate (1986-94).     1102728   $275.00 
 3 Cylinder - 809, 1006, 1019 CKIII Chassis Motor Plate (2 Straps) 2 lbs.     1102725   $116.00 
 3 Cylinder - 809, 1006, 1019 CKIII Chassis Solid Motor Plate 5 lbs.     1102724   $170.00 
 3 Cylinder - 809, 1006, 1019 CKIII Chassis Solid Motor Plate When Using An Arctic Cat Bear Cat Driven Clutch 5 lbs.     1102717   $170.00 
 3 Cylinder - 809, 1006, 1019 RT Chassis Motor Plate Only (Racing Only)     1102732   $205.00 
 3 Cylinder - RV Motor CKIII Chassis Motor Plate (2 Straps)     1102727   $116.00 
 3 Cylinder 780 & 800 F&S(DSA) 2000 Chassis 3.8 lbs.     1102720   $170.00 
 3 Cylinder CKIII 809,1006,1019 Custom Motor Mount Plate. Custom center on center and clutch offsets available. Please specify center on center distance for clutches. Made to order. Can be bolted or welded in.     1102733   $345.00 
 4 Cylinder - Based off a 809 Bottom End CKIII Chassis Solid Motor Plate 6.12 lbs.     1102729   $235.00 
 Mach Z RT Carb Conversion Kit. Kit includes motor mounts (V2-3), carb rubbers, angled carb adaptors, rave blocks, ignition adaptor, and labor to machine case for trigger & machine rave valves.     1102731   $525.00 
 Polaris 1200 Watercraft Motorplate For Polaris 600 IQ Race Chassis (Underneath K9 Shelf)     1102736   $205.00 
 Polaris 800 XCR Motorplate For Polaris 600 IQ Race Chassis (Underneath K9 Shelf)     1102737   $205.00 
 Polaris Ultra/Ultra SP, Ultra XCR Wedge Chassis Motor Plate 1995-98     1102738   $185.00 
 RT Chassis Motor Plate Kit (3cyl.) Kit includes motor plate, steering post, steering post support, tie rod, shock tower support bracket, upper shock support bracket, left side pyramid bracket, bolts.     1102730   $505.00 
 Snow Cross Motor Plate for 670 motor in a ZX chassis. Included with motor plate is the necessary mounting hardware.     1102726   $175.00 
 ZRT 3 Cyl Prostock Motor Mount Plate with mounting hardware. 7lbs with hardware. Optional rivet nut tool and rivet nuts available for an additional 50.00.     1102759   $205.00 
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