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Crank Shop 56mm Oval Slide Carburetor New 5/2018 With Raised Needle Jet

Crank Shop 56mm Oval Slide Carburetor New 5/2018 With Raised Needle Jet

Crank Shop 56mm Oval Slide Carburetor New 5/2018 With Raised Needle Jet. Carb...
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800R XP

We have a few things available for the 800R XP. We have a single pipe, Y pipe, and muffler for trail riding. Each of these will bolt on the stock components as well as with each other. There is no need for any jetting changes when you install one or a combination of any of the exhaust parts. The pipe is available for sea level 0-3000' or high attitude above 3000' please specify when ordering. The expected horsepower gains with the single pipe is 3-4 and the Y-Pipe is 3. The muffler is a weight savings and will sound like the stock muffler. All parts are available either ceramic coated or high temperature black paint. We can machine the stock head to have Crank Shop domes that will produce 2-3HP on top end and 4HP in mid range. The trail mod kit produces 173HP @ 8200 RPM's and includes; trail porting customer supplied cylinders & raves, single pipe, y-pipe, v-force 3 reeds, and machine the stock head for our domes. The kit is available either high temperature black paint or ceramic coated. The modified race motors are producing 180HP @ 8400 RPM's. The HP figures are based on dynoing with the 600RS TMX carbs CNC taper bored. The stock 800R carbs bring down the horsepower 7-8 horse when used with the race package. The labor to disassemble, clean, and assemble the motor is NOT included in the package price. The twin pipes are for a race motor ONLY, they do not work for a trail motor.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 February, 2008.
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 600 RS TMX 39 Carburator (stock not bored) (each)        $428.00 
 800 Aluminum Billet Head With Inserts (2-3 HP top end 4 HP mid range)     1001140   $418.95 
 800 R Remanufactured Crankshaft (2009 & 2011) (with core exchange) from Bombardier (R4)     421000668   $787.00 
 800 R Remanufactured Crankshaft (08 XP & 06-08 Rev) (with core exhanged) from Bombardier (R4)     421000665   $787.00 
 800 R Top End Gasket Kit 2007-2014 (420892477) (FC3-3) 420892475, 420892476 supercede to this number     420892477   $125.00 
 800R XP Single Muffler Black (approximate weight OEM 16 1/2 lbs. and Crank Shop 9 lbs.)     1021850   $290.00 
 800R Head inserts. (Specify compression 12.9, 13.5, and 16.5) (A3-1)     1055347   $123.25 
 800R OEM Ski Doo (Rotax) Piston 81.852mm bore. Old piston#415129787 Uses ring 420815410. (F2-3)     420890726   $180.00 
 800R Piston Cir Clip OEM 21mm Sold As Each (420845467) (FC4-4)     420845467   $3.50 
 800R SPI Double Ring Piston (2007 - 2015) PTek & E-Tec. Uses ring set 65-9243SRS (F2-5)     54-9243SPS   $122.95 
 800R SPI Double Ring Piston Rings Only (fits piston 54-9243SPS) (FC4-3)     54-9243SRS   $30.95 
 800R SPI Standard Piston (replaces oem 420890722 & 420890726) (F2-5)     54-9243PS   $103.95 
 800R Standard Piston Ring (oem) (FC4-3)     420815410   $65.00 
 800R XP Carb Adapters & Boot (set of 2) for larger carbs. These are not a bolt on application. Modifications need to be done to carbs for installation.     1040279   $325.00 
 800R XP Machine 2 Cyl. Head for Inserts 1051205     1051205   $175.00 
 800R XP Race Mod Package (base mods, cylinder porting, head machining, head inserts, twin race pipes, v-force 3 reeds, carb boring) Labor not included in package prices to assemble motor.     1037590   $2,775.00 
 800R XP Race Pipes into Aluminum Can (Specify chassis, year, and RPM's)     1028090   $1,035.00 
 800R XP Race Wiring Harness. (Send in stock wiring harness for a 50.00 credit) (C1-3)        $239.00 
 800R XP Silenced Race Pipes. (Please specify out the side or the bottom.)     1028095   $965.00 
 800R XP Single Muffler Ceramic Coated (approximate weight OEM 16 1/2 lbs. and Crank Shop 9 lbs.)     1021851   $340.00 
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