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ZRT 3 Cyl  Prostock Motor Mount Plate

ZRT 3 Cyl Prostock Motor Mount Plate

ZRT 3 Cyl Prostock Motor Mount Plate with mounting hardware. 7lbs with...
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New Digatron gauge DT64 is now available. This gauge replaces the DT54 series. The DT64 instrument has an advanced BUS port feature which can allow you to easily add additional input functions to your gauge, such as adding a fuel tester probe to your gauage and still have the ability to use the gauge for monitoring your engine functions. This gauge does not hook up to the snowmobile. The features of the DT64 are small lightweight billet design, all functions recorded 20 times a second, maximums for all functions displayed when the engine turns off, minimum readings of engine RPM and jackshaft RPM, configurable readings (fahrenheit or celsius/MPH or RPM), over or under limit warning lights, total engine usage time, configurable display, backlight, easily playback, 4 hours of recorded data, large easy to read display. The Digatron gauges we carry come with two or three exhaust temperature probes. The 51 SN single display offers a full hour of wrap around recording time and can monitor up to two exhaust temperatures plus engine RPM. Included with 51 SN are the standard 8 programmable LED alarms, lighting coil tach input, backlights, rechargeable internal power, and the free PC Download feature. The 51 SN is no longer available from Digatron, but we have a limited quantity. The 52 SN offers dual exhaust gas temperature displays, alarms, and alarm lights, Max Recall, back-lighting and recording time is 35 minutes. The 54 SN IS NO longer available which had a 4 display with 240 minutes of recording, standard 8 programmable LED alarms, shift light indicator capabilities, backlights, rechargeable internal power. It also has optional PC download, optional jackshaft RPM and optional lap timing. The water temperature sensor is disabled, but could be activated at a later date. The digatron website is to check out instructions and instrument comparsions. Limited quanity

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 06 August, 2007.
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 Digatron 52 SN Tach/Exhaust Gauge. 3"L x 3 1/2"H x 1 1/4"Deep-Weight 14oz. (K3)     DT52SRE2   $400.00 
 Digatron A/C Lighting Coil Power Harness (K4-6)     LC48ABC-A   $35.00 
 Digatron AC Adaptor Kit (K4-6)     ACKBCBN-A   $25.00 
 Digatron D/C Lighting Coil Power Harness (K4-6)     LC48DBC-C   $35.00 
 Digatron DT64 2 Cylinder Gauge (Gauge, 2 EGT Probes, 1 Water Temp, Inductive Tach Sensor, PC Download Kit & TPM) Specify EGT Probe With Clamp Or Weld On Bung.     DT64LTW   $479.00 
 Digatron DT64 AC/DC USB Charger (AC-BUSPWR) (K4-7)     AC-BUSPWR   $25.00 
 Digatron DT64 EGT Probe With Clamp (EG60LTC-G) (K5-5)     EG60LTC-G   $65.00 
 Digatron DT64 EGT Probe With Weld On Bung (EG60WOTC-G) (K5-5)      EG60WOTC-G   $65.00 
 Digatron DT64 Gauge (Gauge, 2 EGT probes, PC Download Kit, TPM) If need 3rd egt probe order separately. Specify probe with clamp or weld on bung. (K)     DT64K RMT3W   $599.00 
 Digatron DT64 Gauge 2 Piece Bracket For Welded Pro Stock Handlebars        $45.00 
 Digatron DT64 MPH Sensor Kit. Specify collar size (3/4, 1, 1 1/8, 1 1/2, 40mm, or 50mm) (K4-7)     MP60KTCTC-D   $75.00 
 Digatron DT64 TPM Sensor (K4-7)     TPM   $75.00 
 Digatron DT64 TPM Sensor Bracket (K4-7)        $22.00 
 Digatron DT64 Water Temp Probe (WT60KQTC-D) (K4-7)     WT60KQTC-D   $65.00 
 Digatron EGT Clamp on Assembly (K4-6)     CPL-A   $15.00 
 Digatron Exposed-Tip Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor With Clamp (K4-6)     EG72LBC-G   $65.00 
 Digatron Water Temp Sensor (MINI BNC) (K4-6)     WT72KQBC-D   $55.00 
 Digatron Weld on Bung Fitting (K4-6)     WO-A   $15.00 
 Digatron Weld on Bung Fitting Cap (K4-6)        $3.00 
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